Magic and memes! (Just kidding. Kind of.)

First things first: Dogecoin is money.

Like other popular cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin works by utilising blockchain technology. Unlike a lot of other popular cryptocurrencies, though, the fees to send Dogecoin are extremely small, and the speed by which Dogecoin transactions are confirmed is relatively fast.

image info Simply put, if you would like to send money to someone who is located anywhere in the world — or receive money from someone who is located anywhere in the world — without using a centralised bank and paying foreign currency exchange and transfer fees, then Dogecoin can work for you!

Furthermore, Dogecoin can be used to purchase goods and services, and for tipping people on popular social-media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. See Community and Ecosystem for more information on how Dogecoin can be used and how it works!

Go in depth!

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