Oh yes it does, and it always has! The simple fact is that money has utility - and Dogecoin is money! Indeed, Dogecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has been used for this main purpose from day one.

Dogecoin was first meant to be a joke - and it served, and will serve, this purpose very well. It almost immediately became a means to tip and encourage others to go and achieve something: the Jamaican bobsled team, the water wells in Kenya, the Dogecoin car, and many more crazy initiatives the community supported over the years. As a tipping currency, thanks to its low fees and speed of transactions in comparison to competing chains for a long part of its existence, Dogecoin has never stopped working for its intended use.

Over the years, it became possible to use Dogecoin and spend it in online stores. The past 2 years have seen an explosion in adoption, with Dogecoin payment integrations provided by third parties like BitPay and Coinbase and several providers providing prepaid cards supporting Dogecoin as a funding source. Shops can also integrate directly with the Dogecoin blockchain, in particular through the JSON-RPC interface. The Dogecoin Foundation, alongside the ecosystem of developers, is planning to facilitate this further by creating libraries that will streamline and standardise implementations.

Development is ongoing to enhance Dogecoin and make it fulfill its original promises while being competitive with other cryptos. With several groups of developers currently building for Dogecoin and its ecosystem, Dogecoin will find new purposes and uses.

As per the Dogecoin manifesto, Dogecoin focus lies on being useful, personable, welcoming, reliable, while maintaining a unique sense of fun.