Dogecoin is becoming increasingly popular as a payment option by merchants worldwide. Moreover, the implementation of third-party cryptocurrency payment solutions such as Coinbase Commerce and BitPay has resulted in more-and-more businesses accepting Dogecoin. It is also possible for you to indirectly use Dogecoin at merchants who don’t accept Dogecoin. For example, some companies have established relationships with credit card companies in which you can ’top up’ a credit card from your Dogecoin crypto wallet. Other companies even facilitate the payments of utilities and bills with Dogecoin.

The Dogecoin community is committed to championing Dogecoin as a legitimate and viable alternative currency to traditional fiat money. To this end, over the years the community has been successful in convincing retailers to #AcceptDoge via online campaigns which have received overwhelming support and significant positive exposure for retailers who choose to accept Dogecoin. If you want your favourite stores to accept Dogecoin, then get involved and make your voice known!