Sending and receiving Dogecoin is very easy to do. Whether you intend to send or receive Dogecoin, in both cases you will need a wallet.

When sending Dogecoin from your wallet you will need to input a destination wallet address. This is a unique alphanumeric identifier that looks a bit like gibberish! Rest assured, though, a wallet address is certainly not gibberish – but specifies a unique destination on the Dogecoin blockchain to which Dogecoin can be sent and stored.

image info A lot of wallets also provide a QR code in which the destination wallet’s address is embedded into the QR code. When sending Dogecoin, it is simply a matter of scanning the QR code — or inputting the alphanumeric wallet address — entering the amount of Doge you wish to send, and then clicking ‘send’ or ‘transfer’, dependent on your wallet provider.

If receiving Dogecoin, you will need to supply the sender with your Dogecoin wallet address and/or the QR code for your wallet.

One of the (many) great things about Dogecoin is that the transaction speed is significantly quicker than other cryptocurrencies – so you won’t have long to wait until the transfer is confirmed. The fees to transfer are also extremely low in comparison with other cryptocurrencies. So, what are you waiting for? Send someone some Doge!